Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oct. 11 - 100 words

I understand the cops doing what they did. They ain’t got an easy job sometimes, but they shouldn’t have arrested me in front of my girls. Not in front of my girls. You gotta show respect for a person’s family, ‘specially when there’s kids lookin’ on. It’s like with what I did. I loved my man right, but my man was someone else’s man; I didn’t want that. So I had to fix things and show my girls you don’t let folks use you like that. He disrespected our family with that boy and I had to show my girls…

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RomanceWriter said...

Hello again,

Not sure if the comment I wanted to leave on this piece went through as I got an error message. What I wanted to say is I love the voice of the narrator in this piece. It's gritty and three demensional. You brought her to life well in the short amount of words you used.