Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oct. 13 - 100 words

Deirdre squinted hard at the walls moving closer together. Earlier she’d dismissed the idea as the onset of claustrophobia but now she could definitely see the walls creeping toward her. A cold sweat broke out across her forehead and a shiver crawled up her spine. Deirdre swallowed down the rising screams and bile. She didn’t want to die locked in some dark room by herself.

Shaking herself out of her panic, she searched the shrinking room again. The flickering flame of the candle made her move slower than she wanted, but she had no choice with only four matches left.


RomanceWriter said...

The desperation this character felt came through in every word. That is quite a feat with so few words to work with.

Since you like writing flash fiction, you might want to check out the Six Sentences blog, if you haven't already.

R. J. Thorne said...


I tried flash fiction before. Can we say the words "super sucktastic"? LOL I couldn't get the hang of writing a full story in just a few sentences or paragraphs. With 100 words ( all I have to do is post a snippet -- just 100 words. I can do snippets. I can even do creative snippets. Sometimes they even turn into seven or eight page scenes. ;)